Lookup field in PowerApps to another SharePoint lookup field

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I have 2 SharePoint lists:

  1. 15 meters test - a list where I store test results
  2. Swimmers - a list where I store swimmers names, age, and other basic info

From list no 1: 15 meters test I use a dropdown called SWIMMERS to chose swimmers from list no. 2 Swimmers. This will save me the time and avoid spelling errors for each recorded test result.


I've made a PowerApp based on Sharepoint.


My problem is that PowerApps - for some reason - won't suggest or display values if I reference the column called SWIMMERS from list no. 1.  So: ThisItem.Swimmers shows nothing.


I'm beginning to realize that this might be a limitation within PowerApps?


How can I show my swimmers name?



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@jensjakobsen1966 I assume you are using a customised Power Apps form and have added the Swimmers list as an additional data source source. Add a dropdown. In the dropdown the items property should be Choices([@Swimmers].Title) or whatever column has the swimmer's name in it.


Then - and very importantly - go to the data sources icon on the left of Power Apps and refresh the Swimmers list datasource. The dropdown won't display anything until you have done the refresh. As soon as you do the dropdown will show the swimmers names. (Ignore my list and column names, they were just the lists and columns I had to hand!)




In the customised form the column in your 15 metres test list which will hold the swimmer's name should reference the dropdown value that was selected:




Hope that helps.


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@RobElliott, thank you for taking time to help!


The error I tried to describe, is on the "BrowseScreen1", the very first pageview of the data. I have added a screenshot to explain the best I can.


The syntax I use (to try and) reference the swimmers name is:





I did add another datasource (before I posted the first post) - this means that I have a datasource for both of the lists.


@jensjakobsen1966 in your first post you mentioned a dropdown, but there's no dropdown on your screenshot, so I'm not sure where the error is.


Los Gallardos
Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)

@RobElliott - I've added a screenshot of the source.


The SharePoint list is actually not called SWIMMERS but SVØMMERE. but for the benefit of English language, I've referenced it as SWIMMERS. 


Below is a screenshot of the datasource.


@RobElliott sorry about the confusion.


The dropdown I mentioned where within the lists. So within list 1, I used values from list 2 as source for a dropdown.