Important Flow limitations

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This are some of the main concerns on Flow that I would to get addressed:


  • From what I’ve seen, in the SharePoint related flows, using the When a file is created event, there is no way to add a condition based on a document’s metadata. Am I missing something? Will this be supported in the future?
  • In the “Create File” action, there is no way of define what happens if the file already exists in the destination. It would be interesting to have some possibilities:
    • Overwrite the file
    • Add the file with a suffix (ex: File_1.docx, File_2.docx)
    • Do not overwrite and leave the file in the origin document library
  • Will more SharePoint events be supported in the future? If possible, I would like all basic SharePoint (Lists and Libraries) events to be supported. Examples: File update, file properties update, File Checkout, File Checkin, Item Approval, etc
    • I believe it is not possible to develop custom events, can you confirm?
  • All actions will run in the context of the user configured in the Flow's connection. This means that if User A creates a document and as a result a Flow runs in the context of User B that copies or moves it to a different location based on a condition, the document will be created in the destination with the User B. It would be very important to preserve all metadata from the original document including the user who created and modified the original document.
  • I noticed in a test I made (details at that in the destination document library the content type was not copied to the destination and the default content type on the target document library was assumed instead (although the original content type existed on both origin and destination document libraries).
  • Will it be possible in the future to extend the Microsoft Flow and build custom actions?




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I am also very interested in this and am surprised that it does not have a higher priority. I'd settle for just having read access to the meta-data if the other things are too hard.

I think that this could be achieved with a custom API using REST or something but I don't really have the knowledge to do that quickly.

I hoped that the new Library - Flow integration would bring this but I don't think it has.

Interested to see if anyone from Microsoft responds.


I'm also very intersted in these features and was wondering if there are any updates?


Thanks for the initial question Miguel!


Any update on this? Especially updating File properties?

I also am looking for more control over creating, selecting files. For example a file exists would be nice. 

if you really miss functions you could use logic apps.