How do I use flow together with MS Teams Channel and MS Planner

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Hi all,

is there a possibility to send an email to a Teams channel and create a task in a specific planner?

I use the email of the channel but it does not trigger any action. I can also see the Email i have sent in the conversation tab, but it seems not to trigger any action in my flow. 

I started my flow with "When a new email arrives in a shared mailbox" -> Mailbox address = channel email address->.... create task


...sounds simple but it does not work out. Can you please help here? Many Thanks.

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Hi @Sebastian1310 


Hmmm if that isn't working for you, you could try something different (I haven't tested this yet but it might give you some ideas):


1. Trigger: Use Microsoft Teams > When a new channel message is added (set it to the channel you want).


2. Actions: Use Teams > Get messages to retrieve the new message. 


3. Use a Condition where Message Type is equal to Email (or something like that, you may need to play with it).




Hope that helps in some way!




Hi @Damien Rosario,

thanks for your answer i have seen this template as well but the problem will be that for every message the planner will create a task. However i will test this solution as well, otherwise the colleagues have to use keywords :) 

Hi @Sebastian1310 


Not if the condition isn't met. The condition is only looking for Email type. If it's just a regular message or reply, it should not trigger the condition.


So if Yes (email message), create a new task.


If No (not an email), can be blank.


Please let me know how you go? I'd be interested to hear if it fits for you.