Having issue running Get Manager in Power Automate

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I am facing problem running running Get Manager (V2) Action under power automate. The error message I am getting is.


No manager was found for the specified user

(Resource 'manager' does not exist or one of its queried reference-property objects are not present)


Note: The service we have is office 364 not Azure.


So do I have to authorize a user as a menager under Office 365 or since I don't have Azure I will not be abile to run this action?


Thanks in advance.


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@uknet80 Can you show us how you have configured your power automate flow.


Also, manager should be assigned to user account in order to fetch it using power automate flow.


If you are administrator of office 365 tenant, you have access to Azure AD as well as office 365 admin portal from where you can set manager for user account.



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