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I have a Flow that works well, involving filtered items extracted from a Microsoft List on a SPO subsite. I tried to create similar flows using SharePoint Lists on subsites from the same root site. The SPO Lists do not appear in the Get Items dialog drop-down. I'm hesitant to convert the lists into Microsoft Lists, in part because I cannot find a way to do that but also because the Calendar view of SPO Lists does not seem to have an equivalent in Microsoft Lists. (1) Why would a SharePoint List not appear in the dialog; (2) is there a workaround for this? One of the Lists is called "tasks" in its URI but has a two word name with a space in the middle in the list name (poor planning; I know); (3) Is there a way to convert a SharePoint List into a Microsoft List?

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@Joseph Nierenberg I can't duplicate the issue.  Check the Site Address in Get Items, making sure the subsite is at the end of the URL. 

SPO Example:


Microsoft Lists are stored in a personal site, check out the URL in the address bar.   Example:



You may need to enter the site address as a custom URL, but once it's in there the lists populate for me.


As far as moving a list...  your best bet might be to export to Excel and import it back in.  When you are in SPO and create a new list, you can create from an existing one, but it currently isn't showing my personal lists.  Also, it only imports the settings, views, and formatting, not the items.


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@Joseph Nierenberg Which list template did you use while creating this list?


Is this a modern experience list or list created using classic Tasks list template?


If this list is created using classic Tasks list template, type the display name of your list against "List Name" and then click on "Use as custom value". Alternatively, use can also use the "Enter custom value" option & then enter the name of list.



Also, make sure you are using the correct site address from where you want to get the list items.

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@PamDeGraffenreidHi. Thank you. Haven't had a chance to try yet, but should get to it tomorrow and will report back.

@ganeshsanapThank you. Haven't had a chance to try yet, but should get to it tomorrow and will report back.