Get Planner ID in Power Automate

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Hi all,


I created a flow in Power Automate which is working in this way : 

  • When I add an item in my SP List, the flow is running, and it creates a new project.
  • It creates a new SP site and a new MS Teams with specific channels and folders in.
  • On my list, I update a status when it's finished, and I add a MS Teams link to access all the projects form this list (like a dashboard to find all projects and status and other informations).

I know that when I create a Microsoft365 group, it creates a MS Planner plan linked to my project code. 

The issue is this one : 

Is it possible to AUTOMATICALLY get my new plan ID or URL to add in my SharePoint list like my MS Teams link? I really would like to do it to have a list of projects with informations like Teams access, OneNote project link & MS Planner plan link (like in my screenshot).

Capture d’écran 2022-11-07 114322.png


Thank you in advance,

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You can make use List plans to get all the plans for that group, that way you will get the URL for that the plan:
Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for the answer, is it possible to do it in Power Automate?
I see your answer as a command line to find plans but what I would like to do is to auto add the plan associated to a project (which correspon to a Sharepoint site)
Yeah, just use the HTTP corrector and you should be able to do that :) You can probably use the HTTP connector under O365 Groups even which is free