Get items from SharePoint list not allowing me to use date columns

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Hi All,

I have a SharePoint list that I am using for security Audits and am attempting to create a PA flow that basically show the following:

When a new item is added to this SharePoint List run the flow.

Get Items from the SharePoint list

Send Email to list of stakeholders which I want to show the following info:

Name, DEV access granted date, SIT access granted date, UAT Access granted Date etc until permission level.

Those steps all appear to be working correctly, however when I am doing the Send Email I don't have the date columns to get the information from. I can see username, persons name, email address and permissions as the only 4 columns I've created that are usable from SPO.

If I look at limiting the columns in the Get Item step, it allows me to select those columns. Once I move to the Email step, they disappear. Any idea why this could be happening and how to resolve it?





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In a moment of "I can't see why this is an issue" I typed the start of the column name into the "Search Dynamic Content" search box and it showed up.
I'll leave this question here in case someone finds this answer helpful.