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Hi there! 


I have two lists that work like a star-schema kind : 

- One list where I regularly add new contacts :  contact list

- One list where I have all the regions' codes and the salesman that handles the region : region list


When I add a contact to the contact list, we enter the postal code and automatically the region code is extracted from it (first two characters).


I would like the Contact list to automatically add the salesman name depending on the automatic region code. The salesman name is present in 2 different column ; as a text column but also as a person column.


I've tried When an item is created or modified / Get items / Update but I won't work. 

I've looked for solutions online, but I couldn't find any explanation that made it work. Also, I can't find the person column on the fields shown. 


Thank your for your help!

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@hgalfre Using SharePoint default lookup column will not work in your case as person column cannot be extended using lookup.

So, correct approach will be using power automate flow like you are doing. Can you show us how you configured your flow currently?

When you use Get Items action on Regions list, you should be able to get the person column values from dynamic content.

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 Hi @ganeshsanap ! 


Thanks for your help. 

So my Sharepoint is in French, I'll try my best to translate appropriately.

I'll enclose some screenshots as well. 


My power automate flow right now is:


1- When an item is created or modified (pic enclosed; capture 1)

>With the address of the sharepoint and the name of the contact list

Capture 1.PNG



2-Get item (capture2)

>With the address of the sharepoint (same for both lists) and the name of the region list. And the ID from "when an item is created or modified"

Capture 2.PNG



3-Update item (capture 3 & 4)

>With the address of the sharepoint, the name of the contact list, the ID from "Get item"

Capture 3.png


>and in the column where I want the salesman name; the link to the person column from the region list. 

There are several choices (I guess because it's a person column so it can get all the company's info), I chose the one that doesn't have any word attached to it (last one). I guess I could also choose DisplayName, but that doesn't solve my problem...

Capture 4.PNG



When I save it, I get a warning that I may get an infinite loop. 

And when I test it, I don't get any salesman name. 




Thanks for your help!

Hi @ganeshsanap ! hopefully you can help me :(