Generate a PDF document which contain HTML and images

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We have a SharePoint list items which contain multiple attachments. and we have a Power App where the user can search for the list item. now we want the user to click on generate PDF >> where the user should get a link to access the generated PDF file >> and then send the PDF file as an email attachment to external users. The generated PDF should contain the list items fields values (title, description, quantity, assigned to user) + the list item's attachments in this format (assuming we have 4 attachments):-





so what are the approaches we have to achieve our requirements? now our end users do not have premium power app and power automate licenses. we only have one service account with premium license. but we prefer this to be implemented on time so the user does not have to wait for automate flow to run to see the pdf file link, in other word it is preferred to have the power app user calling the flow directly .


Thanks in advance for any help.



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