Flow to auto populate today's date when status set to completed

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Hi all,


I imagined this would be a fairly easy flow to write however as I'm still new to writing Flows, I'm struggling more then I thought I would with it. 


I have a SharePoint list which is for recording issues that we've found within a department and I'd like to be able to provide metrics that'll show the average time it takes to resolve them.  To try and do this I've added a 'Date Completed' field within the list, but would like it to be automatically populated when someone changes the 'Status' field for that record to 'Completed'. At the moment we can obviously manually enter the date however it'll be a nicer solution to have the date auto-populate. 


Looking over the web at this, I can only find ways of doing this through SharePoint designer however I'd like to do it through a flow as I don't have designer.  I had a little success, however it had an impact on a separate flow that is being used on the same list which just fills in today's date on every record so that it can be used to calculate how long that record has been open for.

The only other option I've come across is to use a calculated field, but some have recommended against this as any adjustments to a record will cause the completed date field to updated and affect the results.


If any additional information would help please let me know, but equally any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance,


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When item is changed you can check if Closed is Yeas and if closed date is NULL, and if so ,write a closed date … and/or write number of days in decimal...