Flow on Sharepoint List View not fetching correct fields

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I'm trying to get all the records/columns using a view on the Sharepoint List.



the custom view I created on this list only has those two columns. And yet FLOW retrieves completly different fields from the list:


InvalidTemplate. The execution of template action 'Select' failed: The evaluation of 'query' action 'where' expression '{ "FileNr": "@item()['EOTAFileNr']", "adoption date": "@item()['EADAdoptionDate']" }' failed: 'The template language expression 'item()['EADAdoptionDate']' cannot be evaluated because property 'EADAdoptionDate' doesn't exist, available properties are '@odata.etag, ItemInternalId, ID, Title, EOTAFileNr, RelatedProductGroup, RelatedProductGroup#Id, RelatedManufacturer, RelatedManufacturer#Id, PublishStatus, PublishStatus#Id, {Identifier}, {Link}, {Name}, {FilenameWithExtension}, {Path}, {ContentType}, {ContentType}#Id, {HasAttachments}'. Please see https://aka.ms/logicexpressions for usage details.'.
Why is it retrieving all these fields I didnt even include in the custom view??
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Hi @Stefaan De Vreese, thank you for reporting this issue. We have a fix in the works and it will be deployed to all customers over the coming weeks. Hopefully by mid to late August. 


Sorry about the inconvenience.

Thanks, I hope it will be fixed soon, because this is a deal breaker for the solution we try to implement for our client.



Was the fix deployed for 'Flow on Sharepoint List View not fetching correct fields' issue? In case yes, please provide links/details.