Flow needs to be able to triggre new and modifications on SQL Azure records

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If Salesforce is supported, why SQL Azure is not supported that Flow triggers new/modified records?

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Flow is still in preview and Microsoft will add more services over the future...one of this new services could be SQL Azure or even SQL Server OnPrem

SQL Azure should be a proiority though, that is the point. Thanks for your input @Juan Carlos González Martín

You can go to uservoice / Flow community and suggest it if nobody has done it yet

Hi! Flow has started to support the new and modification records of SQL Azure tables triggering few days ago. I am happy of it has arrived finally. I am testing but i think it lacks of basic features.


PS: What is the link of uservoice in this community?

Hi. I want to correct: Flow still does NOT support triggering New/Edit SQL Azure records. I thought this has started because of the misleading Template "Notify about rows in a SQL DB"




It is funny that this example starts with Recurrence (time interval), and this means you will be notified about a record everytime Recurrence occurs :(


Bottom line is that Flow still does not support triggering on NEW/EDIT SQL Azure.


Dear Microsoft, please do!