Flow licensing

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I am doing a few POCs and have created a simple flow on SharePoint list - when a new item is created, an email is triggered to the user.


I have disabled Flow license for a particular TEST user through the Office 365 Admin center. Now with that TEST user logged in, I created an item in the SharePoint list. Obviously the flow executed and an email was triggered to that test user.



Now, since the flows will execute irrespective of wether the user has a flow license or not, what are the other implications of disabling flow license for a particular user ? Is it only that the user won't be able to create new flows ?

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IMHO is what you say: if the user has not a Flow license, he/she will not be able to create Flow...on the other hand, if there is a Flow running in a scenario where the user is taking part, the Flow should run with no problems