Flow licensing for HTTP connector

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There is lot of conflicting advice about licensing required for HTTP Connector. Microsoft's decision to make this a premium connector has really complicated our licensing structure.


Scenario 1

A Flow, 'Main Flow', is triggered from SharePoint list item creation/update. This flow triggers another flow using HTTP connector.


Scenario 2

A Flow 'Request flow' is triggered from SharePoint list item creation/update. This flow triggers another flow, 'Provisioning Flow' using HTTP connector. Provisioning Flow itself uses HTTP connector to invoke graph API.


In scenario 1 & 2, how many P1 licenses are required. Does the developer building the Flow needs P1 license whereas users able to create or update list items in SharePoint can stay with O365 E3? Or does everyone (developer as well as users with permissions on the List) need a P1 license?


Really hoping for some Microsoft guidance to solve this conundrum?

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@Gurdev Singh 

They're changing the licensing structure. To get access to premium connectors you'll have to either do:


The 'Flow Per User' License: $15/user/month with a minimum of 20 users.

OR 'Flow per Business Process' $500/month for 5 active workflows.


Using the current licensing structure, I believe the creator alone would need a P1.  The flow would essentially run as the creator.




@Gurdev Singh Any update available from your side for the question? 

@Mihir Yelamanchili Advice we got is that Flow licenses are required for all users who can update the SharePoint list associated with Flow trigger. This is disappointing and means if you have a public list accessible to all users in company, then potentially, all users will need P2 licenses.


Overall, licensing of PowerApps and Flow is a disaster. Essentially, Microsoft has sucked everybody in by launching these apps with low costs and now charging which has left businesses scratching their heads what to do next.


I will strongly recommend logging a Microsoft Support ticket to clarify licenses required in your own tenant. Otherwise, you will end up reading pages and pages of documentation and forum posts and still end up none the wiser.


 @Gurdev Singh 


Did you eventually raise that ticket and what was the result? Funny that I spend most of my time on the techcommunity forums sorting out licensing questions. And just my 2 cents: €15/user is a lot in my opinion to trigger an HTTP request if you compare it to the price of Microsoft 365 Business Premium which gives you all of Office 365, all of EMS and W10 for €17. It's almost crazy.