Flow Disabled

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I have 4 flows that process incoming emails then run a script depending on the email. They are all pretty much the same, the only difference really is the recipient email and subject line. However, I have 1 flow that started failing and was disabled. Not sure why all the sudden it would fail, as the email addresses are still valid, etc. Does anyone know what this error would mean or where to start troubleshooting? I am a Flow Novice. Thank you very much!


Error Details:

Error from token exchange: Connection msmanaged-na/logicflows/a688a349-49be-4d70-874d-830f31b2bd5b@https://msmanaged-na.azure-apim.net/ version -9223372036854775808 msmanaged-na/office365/029efd6a1e9740049f0031180fdcbe97 is not allowed to access connection msmanaged-na/office365/029efd6a1e9740049f0031180fdcbe97



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