Flow and using JSON to post in MS Teams?

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I am new to JSON and do not understand how to use it fully.


So far i have only added a bit of text with JSON posting from Flow to Microsoft Teams.


But all i get to work is

{"text":"some random text"}


As soon as i try to add another textblock or anything else that i google. Flow wont accept it.

Is there limits to what i can use from flow?


Using the app builder in Microsoft Teams.

I can generate this code.

But this wont work atall when i try to use it in Flow


  "attachments": [
      "contentType": "application/vnd.microsoft.card.hero",
      "content": {
        "title": "some title",
        "subtitle": "some subtitle",
        "text": "some random text",
        "images": [],
        "buttons": []



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Noone know how to use JSON in Flow.

Is it possible to create buttons and other things with the code?


Bumping this thread back up.

Hoping someone have a clue how to use JSON in flow to create interactive cards

If you want to send action cards to Teams, the only way is to create an incoming web hook in teams and in Flow, use the HTTP action to post data to that webhook.