Flow and Digital Signatures

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I have a simple approval Flow set up using a SharePoint list. The flow triggers when item is added to the list and the flow always includes a PDF document for the approver to consider in the approval step. The SharePoint list updates once the flow is approved. However I need to get a digital signature on the actual PDF document after the flow is approved and looking for any suggestions on automating use of digital signatures on documents. If this task can not be automated I can manually do it if someone can show me where I can find an audit log of the Flow. If I can access a audit log showing evidence of the approval that would suffice.
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That is perfect solution, word in and pdf out

@Damien Rosario  May i know how can i use the flow for the Plumsail . I`m  still new of this Microsoft 365 . The flow which i can get the automate signature without have to fill . Can you teach me the how to create the flow or if you have some tutorial it would be better .