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Hello I am a newbie at Power Automate and am looking for some help on an error I am getting.


I am using GetItems to pull data from a Sharepoint List.  This is a list of client contacts which includes a field called 'Last Contact' which is simply the date we last had contact with the client.  I would like to filter only for 'Last Contact' dates older than 30 days.


When I look at the url for this particular field in my list, I can see that the field name is actually '_x0067_rv7'


I wrote my query like this: _x0067_rv7 ge sub(today(),30)


I get an error which says "Column '_x0067_rv7' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user."


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Daniel Bonner,


Confirm the column name by going into List settings > column > check the URL path for the internal column name ("Field=").



Set the "Get items" action OData filter query to: 

<your column name> ge 'addDays(utcNow(), 30, 'yyyy-MM-dd')'


There are single quotes around the expression!


I hope this helps.





Thank you.  I am still getting an error message saying the column name doesn't exist.  Here is the url for the column:column url.jpg


I am using '_x0067_rv7' as my field name.  Wondering if it's having trouble with the "_" as the first character in the field name perhaps?


Here is the flow:flow shot.jpg

@Daniel Bonner in your filter query you don't type in the addDays expression, you go to the Expression tab of the dynamic content and add it there and click OK and it will add it to the filter query as a pink expression like the one below:



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Getting closer I think but still getting this error:

err message.jpg

Here is how I currently have things laid out:

flow shot.jpg

Maybe something with the date formatting?  Or maybe due to some blank entries in my list?

Hi @Daniel Bonner,


Put your expression in single quotes and try again.





Thank you!  That was the last piece I needed.


Thanks again everyone for your help!

The single quotes were shown in my previous image but I should have explicitly told you to add them.

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