Filter in PowerApps recently not showing all the results from a SharePoint List

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I have a PowerApps that filters the results that match from a SharePoint list, since some hours ago, the elements dated later than July of this year ar not showing on the search, I've tried to modify the filter so it literally shows everything but still it doesnt work, looks like to PowerApps those items dont exist.


PowerApp search showing the latest on July:



SharePoint having elements from those months:



Search command used (It doesnt matter tho, i made a filter to show everything and the same issue happened):


SortByColumns(Filter(Expedients;ÉsCarpeta=true And Not(IsBlank(Expedient)) And ((ExpedientFilter.Text in Expedient) Or (ExpedientFilter.Text in Assumpte)));"Expedient"


Does someone know what might be causing this issue?






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