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Happy Holidays Community,


Two requirements needed:

(1) Need gallery dropdown to display distinct names from the Gallery NOT the SharePoint list: 
dd = Distinct(Timeoff, Employee.Displayname).   List = Timeoff     Gallery = TimeoffFY22

The above works great, but pulls in names that do not need to display based on User.


(2) Need names to reflect only individuals for which User() is the Supervisor of the Team... (5 Teams). 

The app has multiple galleries incorporating data from various lists.  The common column in each list is Team.


The number of employees are 62.  For example, the list has 62 records and the User only needs to see the records where the Team name is the same for the User.


FYI.  Have an app utilizing Lookup... when the Team is selected the Supervisor name appears.  


Seen a lot of examples IRT filtering, etc., but, doesn't get the result needed.


Any recommendations on logic? 




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