Executing a Search filter by passing a value from clicking a picture

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I am new to both SP and Power Automate.


I have a SP 365 site, with Search Filter/Search Results on same page as some pictures. Now I want the Search Filter to execute automatically for criteria A when picture A is clicked, and criteria B when picture B is clicked. 

Any ideas how to set up such functionality?





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Hello @VidarRadiv


you can use query string parameter in the url to build dynamic search pages with PnP Modern Search Web Parts.


With the picture link you can add a url parameter, with the Search Web Parts you can use this paramter from url. I have written a scenario tutorial here https://microsoft-search.github.io/pnp-modern-search/scenarios/ about "Use query string from url for dynamic results", it will be published with the next release.


Best, Dave

Thx Dave! I will go through the suggestions and hopefully I see how to adapt them to my needs