Exclude ONE user from ALL intranet sites, except from one list that is used in an Power App

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I have a problem that I have been banging my head on about for some time now. In our facility I created a full intranet site some time ago. On one particular site within the intranet is a list that is used to register all the movements of our different cars (by our employees).
For ease of use I created a powerapp from this list that, with the help of a QR-code, can be started up from any online device. So far so good.


BUT...there are also a number of users that I need to be able to use the same app but who do not belong to our organization. For these users I created one office account in our organization that has limited access...only to the use of that app. No other outlook, office, etc....
I had created a rule that prevented this user from logging into our sharepoint-intranet...but of course they no longer have access to the data on that list, so I had to remove that rule.


Specifically, HOW can I make sure that this user ONLY has access to the list I created on that one site (needed for the power app), without having access to the rest of the intranet? He should not be able to navigate to the list itself, just have the right access so that the app opens on his device.

I hope someone has a logical idea of which I can later say "But of course, that I did not think of that myself! : -))"


Thanks in advance for the effort to read this text, hopefully soon someone with a solution as well.


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