Excel Expense Form automate with emails and approvals

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I have an expense form in Excel I want to add to a sharepoint library. The library has a column for employee name which will become like an ID to send the flow.

I want a flow that when users upload their excel expense forms to this library in a folder called Pending to trigger a flow to send an email OR notify their manager to check the expense form for approval. 

When the manager approves this excel sheet it should be moved to another folder automaticaally and send another email to the accountant to see the excel sheet in approved folder 


Am I complicating things? Ijust want users to create/upload their excel expense forms in Sharepoint and let the flow do the above. I am not looking at a complicated solution, cannot find a template in Power Automate that can automate this. 


Thanks for reading and appreciate your help. Thanks! 

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