Error with filter using And and Or functions

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Getting an Invalid number of arguments when running the following script. I need to only show lines from the list where the user's email matches one of three fields and another corresponding field is blank.

        Or(And(IsBlank('Receiving Custodian Approval'), varUserEmail='Receiving Asset Custodian Email'), And(IsBlank('Receiving Manager Approval'), varUserEmail = 'Receiving Manager'), And(IsBlank('Current Manager Approval'),varUserEmail ='Current Manager') 

Still fairly new to PowerApps been reading lost of forum post to get this far. 

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@Chris77089 Heya, it reads each "," as a new argument, so you need to use && or || for and & or statements respectively. I think this should work:


(IsBlank('Receiving Custodian Approval')&&(varUserEmail='Receiving Asset Custodian Email'))||(IsBlank('Receiving Manager Approval')&&varUserEmail = 'Receiving Manager')||(IsBlank('Current Manager Approval')&&varUserEmail ='Current Manager')),