Error when creating a Flow

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When I try to create a new Flow, i get the following error.

The user with object identifier 'cb1631a5-22a5-4f40-a371-6682571e76dd' in tenant '3a8ca04c-8c53-49fd-a3c1-4b995ce613f2' does not have an entitlement to use PowerApps.


I'm a Global Admin in the Tenant with an E3 license assigned and in the First Release program.


What would cause this? It does not make any sense because I'm not creating a Power App.


@Chris McNulty what is the best way to get issues like this addressed during the Preview phase?


@Kerem Yuceturk, i just found another conversation on this topic from back in August. Your comments at that time indicated that this error should have been fixed by now, but I'm still seeing it with 2 people in First Release. I was trying to show my client how Flow could be used to address some business problems and it was quite embarassing to be be unable to do what was shown at Ignite last week. 

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PowerApps and Flow are both part of the same set of services so it's no so strange error ;)

@Dean Gross, this is strange indeed and should not happen. 


Could you try this after clearing your browser cache, or using an incognito browser session, then going to: and deleting and recreating your SharePoint connections? If it still repros, we should look deeper into it. I'm guessing your connection to SharePoint may have gotten into a bad state. In the meanwhile, I'm checking with some folks on the Flow side...


Just to close the loop @Dean Gross, thanks to your post, our engineers did indeed find an issue and have fixed it. In the meanwhile, signing out and signing back in should have fixed the problem for your case. Please let us know if you run into it again.

@Kerem Yuceturk thanks for following up. We ended up working around the problem by going directly to the and registering our accounts manually. we were then able to open the Flow site directly from the List in SPO. However, now we are getting a new error that appears to be caused by some type of network configuration. Where can I find information about network configuration requirements (firewalls, ports, whitelisting, etc) ?


There should be no network configuration required for this, especially since you are using SharePoint Online. It should all be using standard HTTP ports.


I see there is also a thread about this on the Flow community site. Could you share the details of the error in that thread? That way a lot more Flow engineers can take a look at it and diagnose the issue:

I have added some more info into my post in the other forum .


I just learned something else about the powerapps community. I'm a consultant and many of my clients create accounts for me to use. If I'm using those accounts, the PowerApps community wants me to create another profile every time i go to it.


I am also seeing the potential for a big problem for organizations that have users with mutliple accounts (i.e., one for general use and one for admin purposes). Since any Flow that is created is associated with the users account, it could get realy confusing when people can't find their flows because they were created under another account.