Enable user access for powerapp canvas on sharepoint

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Hi experts,


I have used the 'Helpdesk template' from powerapps,  stripped everything off and only kept the counters as attached. The data source for this is a sharepoint list and I am using this as a dashboard counter.


There are two issues I am facing:

  1. At the moment I can only connect  the app for use  by myself and not other users.
    • Is there a way to add the SharePoint site users by default so they do not need to be sent the 'share app' request?
    • Basically, I have a group I made within SharePoint site called 'Customer Services' who I want to be able to see the dashboard.
  2. I have used the following formula to filter the list items for the current user so whichever user logs in, the dashboard should show those associated to them:
    • CountRows(Filter('Complaints Manager Archive',Case_x0020_Handler.Email = User().Email))
    • This works for me but not for another user/

I thank you in advance for your help.





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The app needs to be shared with the users in that group directly or by office dist or 365 group membership. You can uncheck your email the sharing and then share a link however direct to the app which is in the app details.

The users also need access to the underlying list obviously. The code you have should work fine if the access is correct. I usually like to wrap my user email in lower function as sometimes there can be caps in the email/ logins.

@Chris Webb Thank you for your response. Other than direct sharing, how can I enable this?

I tried following (this articel) , but got an error:


and how can I wrap user with lower case please.



You just Surround the user.email in lower(). https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/functions/function-lower-upper-proper

The app has to be shared no way around it. The article you linked was for in app security roles etc.

@Chris Webb Thank you. I think the issue I am having is not being able to share the connector or does that happen when the app is shared?


Currently all the counters work for a user except for 'My Cases'. I put lower around as well:

CountRows(Filter('Complaints Manager Archive',Case_x0020_Handler.Email = Lower(User().Email)))