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Hello Everyone, 


I have a SP document library that contains a few required fields.  When a file is uploaded/modified, I would like Flow to email the owner/modifier to update the required fields, however when I attempted to do so, Flow is giving me an error message. Could someone please provide some guidance and let me know what I'm doing incorrectly please.  I am fairly new to Flow so please accept my apologies in advance for asking too many questions. 


SP Doc Lib FlowSP Doc Lib Flow


Thank you in advance for the assistance. 


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Hi @R3d3mpt10n,


I mocked up something similar and it worked. Here is a screenshot of my Flow:



Can you share the error message?





Hi @Norman Young 

Below is the error message I am receiving. The error comes up when it gets to the trigger "Apply to each". Ideally, I would like Flow to perform the validation once an item is created or modified and to constantly email the owner until the properties are resolved but unsure how to go about doing so.

Unable to process template language expressions for action 'Condition' at line '1' and column '2669': 'The template language function 'contains' expects its first argument 'collection' to be a dictionary (object), an array or a string. The provided value is of type 'Null'.'.

Hi @R3d3mpt10n,


The error is indicating a null string being passed in for evaluation. Without seeing the doc library setup and Flow I can't help debug the error further.


Does the Flow image I provided in my previous reply help? I believe it achieves what you describe.



Hello @Norman Young 


Yes, the Flow image you provided helped a great deal and achieves what I wanted to do.  Thank you so much for your assistance.

Hi @R3d3mpt10n,


My pleasure. I'm glad it worked out.