Displaying "Person or Groups" columns from SPO

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I am trying to create a PowerApp that has a field that, among other olumns, should show a user from SharePoint Online.


Most columns from the connected SP list are shown in PowerApps, but all "Person or Groups" columns are not there. I have tried to change the the columns from "Name (with presence)" to "Name", "User name" etc. but to no avail.


I assume that I am doing something wrong, but what?

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Hi @Jakob Rohde,


Have you tried using the Data table control and Forms? Or are you using other controls?



I just tried a Form and found that my user fields do appear as drop downs.






HI @Jakob Rohde


I might just have reproduced your problem.

In the Value1 below DisplayName was selected. I chnaged it to Email and then changed it back to DisplayName and now the user name is displayed correctly in my form.