Disabling PowerApps and Flow in SharePoint Online

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We cannot use PowerApps and Flow in our organisation. I have seen sample code which purports to disable the buttons on lists and libraries, like this:-


$ctx.Site.DisableAppViews = $true;
$ctx.Site.DisableFlows = $true;
$ctx.Web.DisableAppViews = $true
$ctx.Web.DisableFlows = $true
However when I do this, the Flow buttons do disappear but the PowerApps ones do now. Likewise with the list forms customisation, I cannot turn off the option. I am fairly sure it used to hide both.
As a remediation I can block the Flow and PowerApps urls, and run the PowerShell make sure users cannot initiate trial licences but I can see a lot of support calls being generated due to this. Is there some way to globally switch this off? 
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Have you tried removing the licenses?

You mean from the users? They have no licences applied to them for either PowerApps or Flow

@Deleted, unfortunately there is not way to 100% remove the use of PowerApps and Flow. You are correct that by removing user licensing and disabling the trial features, you can help decrease the number of instances where these get used. 


I suggest setting up alerts through the Security & Compliance Center on top of these changes to monitor and track when new instances get created at a minimum


See: Disabling Self-Service Trial for PowerApps, Flow, and Power BI

@Matthew DiLiberto 

Seriously Micrrosoft?


We have guest users that guest access to our Sharepoint and they have access to create their own Flows???