Date Formula (Mis)Calculation Assist

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Here is the (simple?) task:


I am wishing to establish the correct formula to accommodate a few things:

-First, to be able to discern a (current) age of living individuals: =INT(($L$1-J36)/365), where L1 is current date, J36=Birthdate

-Second, I wish to incorporate (within this formula) a defined date for those deceased: =(K35-J35)/365, where K35 is the Deceased date, and J35 the Birthdate

-Thirdly, to be able to Conditional Code the cells with Deceased Date with a specific color (i.e., Red over Red, etc.)

Less the (Conditional) color inclusion, the result returns an error, inferring a correction of "*" in place of "," in the formula: =INT(($L$1-J29)/365),(K35-J35)/365 which presents a completely incorrect result.


Some assist in the formula calculation, please...

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