Customising the reassign menu on Approvals

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Hi all,


I'm quite new to the Power Automate technology and am still trying to find my way around. 


The question I have concerns the Approvals side of things. I have created an approval flow and have enabled the 'enable reassignment' option to allow an approver to reassign the task to a colleague. However, I can't find any obvious way of customising the list of available users.


What I'm hoping to do is only allow reassignment to a member of staff who is in a particular SharePoint list or, if this is not possible, filter the default list. Basically, so the approver can only reassign the task to a member of their own department.


Is this possible?


Thanks for any advice you can offer.


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@mark751 as far as I am aware this is not possible. the reassign looks up names, email addresses and groups from across your tenant.


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@RobElliott Thanks for the reply! Yes, I was afraid of this. It's a pity, it would be good to be able to be able to filter this list a bit.