Creating Question with checkbox PowerApps

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Hello All


I am new to PowerApps and I am still in the learning process and I need you to direct me on how to do that. I learned and follow steps on creating a health wellness App, however one of my list I couldn't figure out how to do it.

They asked me to put 3 questions in the page with yes and No checkbox. The first question will show and if the answer is yes then they will get a message to "Work from Home" and select their office Location and email the response to their POC. I created the POC List with Location and Employee Name. If the answer is No then the question #2 will show and then again if their answer is Yes, it will direct them to the Message screen and submit. If yes Question#3 show and of course yes and no. and that's it. How I do that. I tried to create a list with the three question and it didn't work cause the question are longer than 255 character.  Any suggestion or help would be much appreciated.

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