Creating HTML Table from Filtered Array

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Hoping this is easy. I get some SharePoint items using "Get Items", I then Filter that array based upon an ID in the last using "Filter Array." All good up to there. I then want to "Create HTML Table" based upon the filtered Array, but I cannot figure out what values I should be putting in the Custom Columns. If i use the content from "Get Items" it creates a loop which I don't want.



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Hi Joe,


I realize this is an old and unanswered post - but did you get this issue figured out?  I have the same use-case and I am kind of stuck.



@Joe Fedorowicz I'm having the same issue; did you ever resolve this? When I add values from the Get items phase, I get an Apply to each added to my Create HTML table step which I don't want. 



I did finally get mine to work.  I created a quick example ( mine wasn't as easily shareable ).


Populate array variable.  In this example, just insert 3 "rows":


Filter array:


The "is equal to" in advanced is: "@equals(item()?['DocumentID'], 10)"


Send output from "Filter Array" to "Create HTML Table"



The "From Body" = '@{body('Filter_array')}'


The "Value" = '

Here's the output of run for create html table.



Hope this helps.