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Hi, I'm developing a Leave Application System on a SharePoint site. In it, I use Power Apps to customize the forms and use flows to update leave balance for example. One of the system's requirements is HR can create new leave types. This means that there is Annual Leave, Emergency Leave etc, then if HR decides to add a new one like Compassionate Leave, they can do that. The problem is I manually input/calculate for every leave type in the Power Automate. The expressions/formula, all I do by myself. So how to satisfy that requirement? Can anyone please enlighten me if there's a way?

Thank you.

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@anonymous9376 A simple app in Power Apps would solve that where your HR department enters the new type in a text input field and then you have any other fields that are required. That would get saved to a list called Leave Types (or similar), and that list should be a data source for the main app and is used for whatever calculations you need to do.


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@RobElliott I don't really understand what you mean. Are there any examples or references that I can see or follow? I don't get how adding in the app will reflect everything in the current list I'm developing.