Connect to ConnectWise using Power Automate

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I am trying to consume ConnectWise APIs from Power Automate ,  I tried to follow ConnectWise API documentation for the same but was not successful. Anybody have tried consuming ConnectWise APIs using Power Automate HTTP connector? 

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Do you get any errors back from the API call?

@SteveKnutsonI am getting error codes 301, 400, 401, 500, and Authentication error some times for different URLs. Not sure where I am making mistake, either in URL format or authentication or in headers. Please see attached image.



I'm sure you've figured the Issue out by now.
However, I thought I would post a reply, in case others come looking for an answer.

Perhaps if you replace your "URI" w/ the following, it might help.



  • "http://"replaced w/ "https://"
  • "CompanyName"replaced w/ "apis"

I would also like to recommend that anyone interested in working with APIs, consider utilizing an API Tool (such as "Postman"), to Test their API Calls.

I hope this information helps someone out.

Hi @PriyaRaskar can i check which connector you used as i am trying to find HTTP connector and it's not showing up for me 

Hi Thanks for that info can you please let me know which connector i can use ? as i can't find HTTP connector
I’ve managed to do this by building a custom connector with predefined methods. It’s been working great for me, but took a lot of trial and error. If you PM me I’d be happy to send you an export of the connector so you can import it, and I can show you how to build more methods for it.
@Bradleylacroix - I am new powerautomate and working on a project to connect to my CW server. Struggling to get this to work. Ca you send me an export of the connector so I can disect and investigate.

You might want to check out this super helpful video on the topic:

Integrating Power Automate with ConnectWise - YouTube

@PriyaRaskar  here is another link to some videos that may help.  Some Guy Named Chris - YouTube  Any questions, let me know.