Compare excel data with actual date in Power Automate

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I have a list of all upcoming Teams live events with date and time within an excel sheet.

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The idea is to compare the current date with the ones in the excel sheet and if there is a scheduled meeting today the shortURL should be changed to the corresponding URL stated in the excel.


The changes for the shortURL works via a REST API perfectly. But unfortunately I'm not able to figure out the Excel part.

I'm able to list the rows present in a table and also to convert them into date/time format, but I'm not able to compare them with the actual date.

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I guess it's pretty easy to accomplish for a pro.

Thanks in advance.





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Hi @Thomsch,


Add an OData filter to the Excel "List rows present in a table" action to find events that are occurring today.


Here is the expression: 




Important: there are single quotes (' ') around the expression.


I hope this helps.




@stormin_30 thanks. This helps me out a lot!


I actually have two appointments each Tuesday. And the meeting link is different for both of them.

How would you proceed to check which one of the meetings is the right one for the link to change.


Hi @Thomsch,


You will need something to further filter or connect the meeting to the link. Perhaps a unique meeting name? I don't think ID, Date and URL are enough.


I hope this helps.





@stormin_30 Would it be possible to look for the next/nearest meeting regarding time? 

Hi @Thomsch,


I'm sure that's possible. In the "List rows in a table" action add:

  • "Date" to "Order By"
  • "1" to "Top Count"

I have not tested this but it seems reasonable to me.


I hope this helps.