Change Managed Metadata column to allow multiple selection on sharepoint did not reflect on power ap

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I have 5 managed metadata site columns inside my SharePoint list. and when i customize the list New form using power app, the managed metadata columns were allowing single selection. now inside sharepoint site column i modify the managed metadata site column to allow multiple selection, but this was not reflexcted inside PowerApp Create form. and idea? as i test i changed the "Update" from "Selected" to "SelectedItems" but did not have any effect.

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So are you able to select multiples it's just not updating the SharePoint list with multiples, or can you not select multiples?
Your best bet, might be to save and reload the powerapp. Go into the form, remove the field, then readd the field to the form. Assuming you didn't add a bunch of customization to it.

Hi @john john I'm sure you're already doing this but whenever you make a change to the structure of the SharePoint list always make sure you refresh the data source in Power Apps:


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