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Hello all!


I'm new here and pretty new to SharePoint/Power Automate but I'm hoping this request is doable and possible (and I hope I can explain exactly what I'm looking to achieve :smile:)


So I started learning SharePoint back in January, I had a couple of months to learn what I cold by building a team site at my work before I had to stop for far too many months.  I haven't had much experience with Power Automate besides the random idea's I come up with and then hunting down a way to do it. :)


I've now been helping another team to build a full scale site to be used across Canada within the company (location important later) and because of this I've been learning so much about SharePoint and have started dabbling into Power Automate even more.


Now, I'm trying to figure out how to automate something that for the most part, I've sort of managed in the past but I believe this is on a much grander scale.  So, this is what I'm trying to achieve....


So, each month an information email goes out to all employee's across the country and we've started taking the information and turned into a PDF file and then upload to the SharePoint site under specific locations.

Ie.  English:  LABEL > YEAR > MONTH (link name)

      French:  For our French documents we are having them added to a page dedicated to those files currently but may change that later.  Reason we do this right now is because we have a labeled, Documents en Francais, but to add a Label under that for those files, then the year, but we wouldn't be able to add the file after that named by the month because I've learned you can only go 2 down under the label.


Because we're in Canada the email has both an English and French version of the information for that month and the team that creates the emails and sends them out build them with tables, SO, what I'm looking for...

What I'd like to do is setup a flow that when this email is sent out each month while sent back to the original email address that is used it will trigger a flow that:

  1. Captures the information in the email by English and French
  2. Separates them into separate English & French PDF's
  3. Saves them to a folder in Documents under their specific year
  4. Uploads them to the SharePoint site under their appropriate labels, Ie. 2022 > May or 2023 > December
  5. Each file is setup so they open in a new tab when clicked.

I believe that covers the major stuff.  If anyone has seen a tutorial on how to do this I would love to be able to follow along as I tend to learn better while doing the work. :)


I know this is no easy task but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or explain how this to make this possible. :) 

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