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I created a flow to approve activities from a form in a SharePoint list, at the end I setup the automatic replies to be enabled if some conditions were met.

This activities approval are available for everybody, but the auto replies connector is enabling the OOO message just for the flow creator.

How can I enable this connector for the requestor of he form instead of the creator of the flow ?



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You want to update email from should be the user who approved item instead of connector connection id?


I would like to update the "from" of the "automatic replies V2" connector, but this option is not available in it. Do you know how to do that ?



@jdefranclieu it will always use the connector of the flow owner, so sending the email from the approver is not possible as you will never have send on behalf of privileges. But if you build a full flow and use the Send an email from a shared mailbox action, if you have a shared mailbox called approvals or something like that then it's clear where the email has come from.


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Two options are available to change email from.
1) Use action : Send an email from a shared mailbox : In this action you can update email from to shared mail box id.

2) Use action : Send an HTTP request to SharePoint : In this action you need to specify following properties

  • Site Address: Use SharePoint Site URL
  • Method: POST
  • Uri: _api/SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail
  • Specify following headers
    • Content-Type: application/json;odata=nometadata
    • Accept: application/json;odata=nometadata
  • Specify following JSON in Body
        ‘properties’: {
            ‘From’: ‘@{body(‘Get_item’)?[‘From’]?[‘Email’]}’,
            ‘Body’: ‘@{variables(‘EmailBody’)}’,
            ‘Subject’: ‘@{variables(‘EmailSubject’)}’

In From property you can specify User ID

By this way you can update Email From.