Automate routing a document to specific chain of people?

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I'm brand new to Flow/Power Automate but had a request fro our Recruiting department that I'm guessing it might be able to help with.


We would like to automate the process for an internal employee to apply to a current job opening.  We want them to fill out the application form and the submit it somehow.  We then want it to automatically route to their manager for approval.  Then after the manager approves it, we want it routed to the HR Department for approval.  Then finally to the Recruiting Manager.


Is that sort of thing possible and does anyone have any tutorials or info I can check out to figure out how to make it happen?



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Hello @Mike Boehm 

I see you do not have a reply yet. I do not use Flow/Power Automate but if you hang with me, I can talk process with you.


I use workflows to send mail at different stages for my custom SharePoint lists.

I create additional fields (that I don't display) that capture stages that need to be met before the mail is sent to someone. The workflow will check the criteria and only send mail if that field says Yes/No.


  • Job applicant submits form.
  • Workflow runs, STAGE ONE identifies that "Mail sent to Manager" = No.
    • Workflow sends email (with link to the Form which asks for manager approval)
    • Workflow also updates field "Mail sent to Manager" = Yes
  • The custom form the manager reviews is a combination of a display form (to show the applicant information) and edit form (to collect manager feedback and approval).
  • On edit made by manager to approve, the workflow runs again.
    • STAGE ONE criteria not met now that we have "Yes"
    • STAGE TWO identifies that "Mail sent to HR" = No and MgrApproval = "Yes"
      • Workflow send email (same as above) to HR
      • Workflow also updates field "Mail sent to HR" - Yes
  • The customer form the HR reviews is similar as above
  • On edit made by HR, the workflow runs again.
    • STAGE ONE criteria not met now that we have "Yes"
    • STAGE TWO criteria not met now that we have a "Yes"
    • STAGE THREE identifies that "Mail sent to Recruiting Manager" = No. and HR approval = "yes"
      • Workflow send email (same as above) to Recruiting Manager
      • Workflow also updates field "Mail sent to Recruiting Manager" - Yes

Hopefully that is helpful to understand how you can capture the steps to control the process of who to send the email to at each stage. Of course, you would need to store the names and email available for each manager. If you are storing this when you craft the position then you would have it already.


Unfortunately I cannot provide specific details for the particular program you are using. My only hope is that my example helps you brainstorm and possibly apply a similar approach with the tools available. Or springboard to bigger and better ideas!


Good luck


@HCole718  If this can be done in Sharepoint or something other Office 365 program, that's fine with me.  I just figured Flow might be he thing to do it.


We have every user's manager in their Active Directory record so pulling from that should be possible I'd hope.


I don't know anything about workflows in Sharepoint.  Can you give me any specifics or did you learn from a nice tutorial you have? 

@Mike Boehm this can be done with a form in Microsoft Forms, a flow in Power Automate and a list in SharePoint all connected. I'll try to get back to you with the solution tomorrow as it's now midnight here.


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@RobElliottWell, that sounds rather complicated.  I'll wait to see what you come up with. :)


@RobElliott were you able to help? I'm trying to do something similar and would love to hear what you're thinking. :)