auto populate field with increment (assign number)

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We have a form that our operators will use to submit a new NCR (non-confromance report). We need the NCR number to auto populate and auto increment with each new form. Field name is "Title". I have attached a screenshot of our flow that is currently failing. Once we get this working we will also need to start the numbering at a specific number (not 0001 for example but 1400).


Thanks in advance!!Screenshot 2022-07-26 130926.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-26 131545.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-26 131510.jpg

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I wrote a blog on this a little while ago that might help. My blog is using a list to increment the next version letter A, B,C etc

You could use a List item to track the next available number, similar to my blog but with 1 list item:
- Read List Item to get next value
- Increment the List value

Hope that helps