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I created a manual list (without using the Issue Tracking List) and need to add the 'Assigned To' function.


Is there a way to do this through PowerApp as I know through Sharepoint it does not give an option unless using the Out of The Box Issue Tracking App.


Thank you in advance

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Hi @Mo_Islam,


I'm a little unclear on your question... In a SharePoint custom list, you can add a "People" type field and call it AssignedTo (or whatever). Or are you looking for something else?



@Sandy Ussia Hi, I've figured out that I need to add the 'People' field which will search for email, but not sure how to notify the user.


In the Issue Tracking app, this is done for you where an email with all the list details is sent to the Assigned user, but I don't know how to do it if I am creating this under the 'List' application.

Hi @Mo_Islam,


Create a Power Automate Flow to notify the user. Consider the "Send a customized email when a new SharePoint list item is added" template as a starting point.


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young 


Could you give an example of how to send email notifications to a person in an "assigned to" identify field if a specific record that their identity is selected in that field - is created or changed please.


I am learning Power Automate



@geoffhicks I recommend using the new item trigger. There are risks using the edited item trigger, because you could happen to face a situation where the same "assignedTo" user is getting spammed.

1. , use this template, it will be triggered when a new item is created. When that item is created, check if the "assigned to" is populated (not empty). If it has a user value, email that specific user.

If you need further assistance, please notify me and I will gladly help.

Hi @geoffhicks,


Sorry for the delayed response. @ArefHalmstrand response makes sense to me.  


The "Create item" trigger will send the email to the assigned person. Make sure your list makes "Assigned to" required.


There are other options and more advanced patterns that you can consider. I.e. you can manually initiate a message or action to the "Assigned to" using a Power Automate "button". You could also use the "Create or modify" trigger to take action based on certain value changes.


I've been documenting the Power Automate patterns that I use on my blog. They could serve as a reference for you.


I hope this helps.