Approval Flow (Choice Email) that checks budgets first and then updates budget if approved.

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Hi There Folks,


I did a simple approval flow for invoices/expenses approvals. But now the finance team wants me to expand on it... (I have searched extensively with no luck)


We have two lists: 

The first one is the parent: (ListA)          Title, Expense Class, Amount (they can also attach invoice doc)

The second has:                 (ListB)           Title, Expense Class, Budget


I want the flow to do the following:

1) When a new item is created - get items from second list.

2) Create email with options: (I chose mail with options so that I can attach the invoice from ListA)

In this email I want to approver to see what the current budget is for the specific expense class applied for in listA from ListB is and if he approves this request what the new budget will be (ListB Budget - List B Amount)

Mail looks something like this:

"Dear Approver,


You have received a request to approve an expense under "Expense Class List A" for "Amount"

Your current budget for "Expense Class List A" is "Budget" (From ListB)

Should you approve it your new budget for "Expense Class List A" will be "ListB Budget - List B Amount"







3) If approved then it'll mail the person doing to application and the finance person to let them know it has been approved. 

Then the flow must update the budget amount in ListB


I thank you in advance.









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Hi @FakinSupa 


Sorry for the delayed response, I've been meaning to answer this as it can be done, but I haven't had the time to respond with the solution as yet.


So to avoid delays, please go to this forum below where a ton of PowerApps/Power Automate community members are and post your query there. They'll respond within minutes with a solution!


Best wishes with your query!