Adding a clickable item of a record in SharePoint

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I'm trying to create a list where 1 column needs to have a clickable item let's say to another record in SharePoint. Please see sample:


For example, this is a SharePoint list. Is there a way for the INC Numbers to be clickable to another list? I'm planning to create the record via PowerApps.

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Hello @RLSid17 


you can use column formatting (or view formatting) to add a link to your column. See more in this article from @joaoferreira :


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@RLSid17 Best SharePoint out of the box way will be to use lookup column for INC number. Lookup columns are by default clickable and takes you to respective list item in another list.



  1. Create list relationships by using lookup columns 
  2. How to link lists from Microsoft Lists using a lookup column in Power Apps 

If you don't want to use lookup columns, you can use JSON column formatting as suggested by @David Mehr .


Here's the Microsoft official documentation related to converting text fields to hyperlinks: Turn field values into hyperlinks (basic) 

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