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Microsoft just released To-Do, a task app that will eventually replace Wunderlist. When should we use Planner and when should we use To-Do? Thanks for the help.
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How does that solve the actions that you need to track against emails and in your personal calendar in Outlook?


Tasks created in OneNote go to Outlook and not To-Do?  So Planner is great, but will be better when linked to Outlook/ToDo tasks for personal task tracking too.

I've generally found that teams are more effective when the tasks an individual takes on in their project work are easily referred to in their personal task list.  Having to check more than one place for priority tasks (and for maintaining progress updates) lowers productivity.

@Stuart Bruce wrote:

What isn't clear from the announcement is if you'll eventually be able to view Planner tasks in To-Do and Outlook. We'd love to use Planner for team tasks, but its impossible when the tasks just sit in their own little silo and you can't see them alongside all the other stuff you've got to do.


If the roadmap means its possible to view all your tasks in one place (regardless of it they are 'personal', 'work', 'team' etc) then To-Do will be brilliant.

I agree, having a consolidated platform where personal tasks can be managed is key to maximising personal productivity alongside team related tasks.

I agree the separation makes it too difficult to use. People are not willing to look in multiple locations. Planner and Teams work well, and Outlook and To-Do work well, but the integration between these pairs is lacking.

From the look of this video it is coming soon

view from location 33:33

shows Planner tasks as a choice for my day in To-Do

It doesn't, at least not 100%

But my work is very little in the way that I can solve it by myself, almost everything needs to involve other functions, so either I can reply/solve a mail-query directly, or I need to specify it better than Outlook allows anyway, so I ctrl+c ctrl+v the necessary parts to Planner, add my own definitions and so on.

I do use the flags in Outlook as to be able to postpone smaller tasks to the near future, but anything demanding is moved into planner, no mather if it's for myself or for a project.

how does Microsoft To-Do Steps work with Planner?

Words cannot express it, so here ist a .gif instead: :)

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Glad @Howard Crow liked this response xD

I need this planner/to-do integration asap. Or just improve the tasking functionality in Teams.

I need this planner/to-do integration asap. Or just improve the tasking functionality in Teams.

Is there an update on when planner tasks will be linked with to-do (or outlook tasks)?  It seems this integration has been a hot topic for quite a while, but as far as I can tell, it has not been implemented.  It would add significant functionality to both of these apps. 


Additionally, it would be extremely helpful to be able to add recurring tasks in planner.  Is this something that I can look forward to? 

This helps me get tasks assigned to me in my ToDo.
From ToDo i follow a link in the body content to close the task.
Because the task is in ToDo, its also in my outlook.


Its far from perfect tho. Problem is that todo won't accept a empty due or start date.
So if it isnt in the Planner task, the Flow will fail. Any help there would be appreciated. :)


@Magnus Ramfelt 


They did it!

For iOS:
And in the browser too:

2019-05-07 (6)_LI.jpg





I don't know if it is available in the Android app, but it doesn't look like it.

It's close but it seems to segregate them in To Do into their own section.  Have you found a way to see all the items on the same screen?

As best I can tell, the only place you will see Planner tasks together with "ordinary" To-Do tasks is in the My Day view...but that is good enough for me.

@Matthew Jarsky 


Tasks from Planner should also show up in the "Planned" view if I'm not mistaken. Rest assured we're continuously looking at ways to improve this integration -- we just wanted to get this first big milestone out the door :)

I am grateful for it, no doubt!

But Planner tasks are not listed in "Planned". (Confirmed in iOS, browser, and Microsoft App.)