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Noticed this update to Project in today's Office updates. Nice Project / Planner integration!



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Sounds great. I'm looking forward to seeing a screenshot/video of it in action.

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Not much to see yet. You can link a task to planner plan and you get an indicator in the Project desktop client. The first person assigned on the task is set as owner of the plan. All other assigned resources are not taken into account. There are no new columns that you can drag into the Project client views and there is no other way of seeing the status of the linked plan. In the PWA, there is no indicator at all.

One draw-back for people working in multi-tenant environments: It somehow allows you only to choose plans from the tenant, to which your Windows account belongs to and it doesn't respect the account which you have set your Office Account to.


Before linkingBefore linking

With link establishedWith link established


This feature will get a small update according to the O365 roadmap:

Microsoft Project & Microsoft Planner - Create a new plan

When connecting a Planner plan to a Project task, create a new plan quickly instead of linking to an existing one.

Hi @FastTrack-F1,

An good explanation of the feature can be found here in Brian's blog post:



Hi Trutz Stephani, Thanks for your answer, but this Microsoft solution is not worth to be promoted... I have seen this functionality of Project 2016 - and therefore I am highly disappointed of Microsoft! A line Item in Project should resemble a task in the Planner, have a look from minute 38:00 onward: To have a hyperlink from a line item in Project to the Planner is extremely poor and Microsoft should be ashamed to promote this! Use a freetext-field in Project, Ctrl+K, write the Planner Name and enter the Planner URL. With this solution you can even see to which Planner you linked and sort for tasks linked to a certain Planner... BR, FastTrack

The feature is available in Project O365 and Project 2019, not in Project 2016.

There are 3rd party apps (e.g. that provide better integration as the ootb link (just as you noticed, see also my remarks higher up).

On a functional level there might be different integration needs:

  • 1 task in Project -> 1 plan in Planner (exchange earliest start and latest finish as well as number of cards done)
  • 1 task in Project -> 1 bucket in Planner (exchange earliest start and latest finish as well as number of cards done)
  • 1 task in Project -> 1 card in Planner (exchange start and latest as well as person responsible and Progress status)

The third scenario might help in cases where topics are managed in different Plans by different teams and the Project schedule helps with consolidating. The first is interesting if you want to delegate work packages and don't want to care about the detailed work management in your schedule.

@Trutz Stephani 


The third scenario is what I need...

I have Project for Office 365 MSO, e.g. Microsoft Project Online Desktop client - you say sscenario 3 will work with this subscription?


Otherwise uur IT will try to set up the FluentPro Project-Planner-Synch-tool...

Hi @FastTrack-F1 

The ootb integration is just as you realized a link, that doesn't sync any other information.

It is deemed to support scenario 1.

So for your scenario 3 you would need to setup a third party tool like the FluentPro tool you mentioned to automate integration.

Hi@Trutz Stephani 


Hi. Not sure if you can help.  


When I try to link through project to planner I don't get an option to type in the name of the planner. I am using online project and 365 environment. Not sure if I am missing something.




Hi@Anguslavin ,

If you post a screenshot of your Project client with the button and may be also a screenshot of the "File->Account" backpane (to see your version), I might be able to help.

Else I could just point to the posts listed above that provide click by click guides.

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