I'm impatient




I see things related to planner on the Roadmap. It's now some time ago since Planner was GA released and for me it looks like that there have been no change in planner since then.


I'm starting to be Impatient. Things are going too slow.

Ability to assign a task to multiple persons, WebHook support and Mobile-app is some of the missing pieces.


When can we expect Planner V2.0 ?


Br. Rune

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Have you see this already from MS Ignite, so a few months ago now:


2016-12-09 13_46_11-BRK1006 - Meet Planner - the new Microsoft Office ... - Microsoft Tech Community.png2016-12-09 13_46_39-BRK1006 - Meet Planner - the new Microsoft Office ... - Microsoft Tech Community.png2016-12-09 13_46_27-BRK1006 - Meet Planner - the new Microsoft Office ... - Microsoft Tech Community.png2016-12-09 13_47_01-BRK1006 - Meet Planner - the new Microsoft Office ... - Microsoft Tech Community.png2016-12-09 13_46_50-BRK1006 - Meet Planner - the new Microsoft Office ... - Microsoft Tech Community.png


Not sure when we will get to see these new features, which I know is what you're asking.  At least there is a solid roadmap and you know it's only a matter of time.

I can understand your impatience, but there is nothing we can do as Office 365 customers and users :(
There is some awesome innovation coming for 2017, including what we presented at Ignite in September!

I'm torn on this. On the one hand, teams across MS are releasing new features at a rate that makes it near impossible to keep up but on the other it's what I've come to expect. I now expect teams to release features incrementally rather than in big bangs. It seems like the Planner team is a perfect fit for this new incremental release cycle. ? Without wanting to sound disgruntled, why is the Planner team not following that kind of schedule? Say, monthly updates?

Yes, I agree. Incremental release cycle is what people expect now.

Perhaps I won't get a response but it's worth a shot. I like planner and set up project milestones in there but there are two things that are sorely needed for me.... actually, just one: the ability to view tasks in a timeline OR (...and/or) add the tasks to the associated group calendar. At least let us view the tasks and milestones in a calendar. That would help us see how the tasks overlap (particularly since we have the ability to specify both Start and due dates.
Has this not been a major complaint?
The other stuff is nice (particularly being able to assign more than one user to a task or to assign users to subtasks) but this is turning my colleagues away from this and towards Gantt chart tools
1. View tasks in a timeline OR add to group calendar
-we hear this feedback frequently and are working on incorporating this feature

2. Turning towards Gantt chart tools
-sometimes customers have specific project management needs that go beyond Planner's scope. Since Project Online is a powerful PPM tool, I think it's a great solution for those needs, and I would recommend it to any PM or PMO.

Hi Dave,


Are you going to reply to my comment too?

I'm afraid I can't comment on how or when we ship updates, but I can say that in addition to important features that our users have requested, we care about performance and other behind-the-scenes elements of the application. That said, the upcoming months will have some very exciting innovation for Planner!

Please continue to give feedback and be active in the Planner TechCommunity, as it helps us better understand what's on our customer's minds, and I check the page frequently.

Thanks :) Good to know. I´m looking forward to what the Planner team can deliver the next months.

Personally I really like to see WebHooks support in Planner so that Planner can be used together with MS Flow.


And it could be cool to have a combination of Planner and functionality like https://teamweek.com



Thanks, Dave. Much appreciated. Just about any response is better than none.

This is the first time I've seen these slides! All of those things are very badly needed (especially the mobile apps). Next, I want to see rich text editing or markdown supported in cards.

However, I want to see a lot more polish in 2.0 and 3.0. Planner still feels rough around the edges in a lot of areas.

Just this week, I discovered that tasks are displayed in a list format when using the Charts view. To be honest, I kind of like this view MORE for some projects.

I just wish I could see more task and less chart.