How to automate Planner and integrate it with Power Bi

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Lets say on my work i have to do the same exact activities, one after another and my boss wants to assign those tasks to my team through Microsoft Teams, how can i make like a sample tasks that i just change the name but the check list is the same and that those tasks are linked one after another.

Besides that I want to know if its possible to graph how much time it takes me to complete those tasks using Power Bi or any other application from Office 365. 


Thanks for your time and help.

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Planner does not provide the ability to link Tasks as you can do with Project online and at the moment there is not way to obtain how much time is taking to complete a task 


I add you a link of something I saw on Youtube about using Microsoft Flow, isn't it suppose that if I modify my activities on planner , they would update on teams?


I would like to have access to planner data's from within PowerBI.
Indeed, I would like to manage my teams achievements, risks and issues on a regular basis, in order to promote the tasks we fulfill.
You need to export the Planner data to SharePoint or OneDrive so you can establish it with PowerBI dashboard. However there is no direct way as of now, you need to depend on third party apps for now, to export the Planner data to Excel in regular intervals so the PowerBI dashboard will be automatically refreshed.

You can achieve this using Flow.  Use Flow to push the data from Planner into SharePoint lists (one for plans, one for boards and another for tasks) - then report in Power BI on those lists.


This works fine for me - and I have a scheduled timer trigger updating every 30 mins so the reports are up to date at all times.  Just remember to pull in 3 lists and reference them in your model and it works fine.


Hope this helps.

That seems doable indeed.

Do you have any documentation how you did it?

Thanks in advance.

I mean, for the Flow part.
I was wondering how to handle new items, updated items, deleted items as well as adressing properly sharepoint.



Could you demonstrate how? I tried several ways, but I could not.


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Can you please advise how you configured your Flow for this?



Can you share how you did it?



I agree about using Flow to export data to SharePoint lists. I find that helpful for SCRUM teams that want to use Planner. There are some frustrations with that though, as not all the Planner fields are available to Flow (specifically, the multi-value fields like labels and checklist). If those aren't important to you, then that'll do fine. I'm curious how you'd measure the duration of a Planner task. In many cases, I find that tasks are created / staged well in advance of when they're going to be worked on. Would you try to look at the Planner 'created'  value, or would you push things to SharePoint frequently as they're moved to 'In Progress' and then look at the SharePoint created date? Just thinking out loud - I don't have a well thought out recommendation for this.


Here's an answer for the 'clone tasks' part of your question. You can do use the 'copy task' menu command for this. Either copy a completed task or setup some dummy tasks with generic names in a separate bucket. Then move the copies to whatever bucket you want for tracking.



Just what I was looking for! Thanks!

@Eric Eaton 

I'd have a backlog column, where tasks can be created/pre-loaded.

Then, each sprint, move items from the backlog into a "to-do" column. You'd also have the typical doing", and "done" columns.


With that in place:

I'd have a metric for "days-in-backlog", which would be calculated as days from "created in backlog", until column change.

I'd have another metric for cycle-time, which would be the date that the item entered the "to-do" column until it moved to the "done" column.

@Dean Hall  Would you be so kind to share how you did this?

@francisliu It would be great if you could share how you did that. 

Hi@Santhosh Balakrishnan ,

Is there a method to automated export data to excel.

Hi, yes it is possible using Apps4.Pro Automate app. This app will create schedules to run at regular intervals for all selected plans.