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Im absolutely new at this partner portal, but essentially we have a product we built ontop of azure components, and now we have a customer. How do we sell them azure products? (cloud, apim, aks, etc)


Can I have a contact so we can be guided?

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@blakecheek@sansbacher  @Christian_OnLineO would you happen to know anything about this? :) 


Thank you either way! 

@Jill_Armour_Microsoft ,


They need to be directed to however they can sign up to become a Microsoft Partner so they can, I assume, re-sell CSP services.


Their Microsoft rep perhaps? Or perhaps they can work with an existing distributor such as Ingram Micro, Pax8, SherWeb, TechData, etc and become an Indirect Partner through them? I don't know what the process is to become an MS Partner.


[not knowing anything about their product or business I can't say this is the best approach. A hosted SaaS offering or the Azure Marketplace may be better options? Or maybe reselling Azure products as an MS Partner is best?]


@sansbacher great, thanks so much for responding. I really appreciate it. 


@SalehBari It may help you to read this on getting started with a partnership: 


Six steps to becoming a Microsoft Partner


I'm not sure if this helps much, but maybe others have more to share. 

After reading the short need, I would say : joining ISV Success (free at to get help in the best way for publishing the App [+ perhaps selling Azure but this last point will very depend on the architecture of the App].
Joining ISV Success will also ask to join Partnership (free at if such enrolment not already exists.
Perhaps ISV Success will propose beginning with Microsoft for Startups program (free at

@Christian_OnLineO Thanks for the assist! :)