Where did the Manager and Department calender settings go?

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For anyone who has Outlook 1810+ installed, do you see the options to manage your group calendar settings in the ribbon?

Background - we started to get feedback from our end-users that their department calendar disappeared after a recent Office update (aka the auto generated ones that start with TEAM:).  I wanted to look at whether the Team and Manager calendars were un-selected, but I can no longer find those options in the ribbon.

If I look in the ribbon settings, it says they should be there!

Manage Ribbon - Options are thereManage Ribbon - Options are thereThe Calendar Groups button is missingThe Calendar Groups button is missing

P.S. As a workaround I was able to add these buttons to the QAT.


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Now that you mention it, I don't have them either. 1811 here. Will ping few folks...

Following because I'd like to know as well.

I've had a case open for several weeks - not much progress other than they are trying to get more info from the product group on why the settings are missing.

The initial response from the product group was that these settings were determined to be unnecessary with the new ribbon so were left off.  But they have not been able to explain why they are not showing even though they set to display in the customize ribbon menu.

@Adrian Hyde got a ticket number for me?

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Well - in case anyone is interested, I've ended up closing the case because I think we've come to an end of where this will go.  Final summary:

- Options are missing from the ribbon by design.  They were removed as part of the redesign.

- It is considered a bug that the customize ribbon shows these are enabled

- The changes to the ribbon are not documented anywhere - more changes are coming.

- Going forward, the recommended way to add/remove your manager or Team calendar is to manually add them using the add calendar dialog

- Nobody is sure if Outlook will add the Team and Manager calendar by default for a new Outlook profile.

Yeah, this surely could have been handled better. Oh well...